The Real Junk Mail of 90210

Welcome to a new semi-regular segment about the batshit insane junkmail you get when your ZIP code is on the name of a TV show (do not even get me started about the embarrassment of telling people your address).

To kick off, we’ll take a look at the March 7 edition of The Beverly Hills Courier “The newspaper of record for the world of Beverly Hills.” It’s free, and whether you like it or not, if you live in BH one appears in your driveway every Friday.


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King of Caftans ALT Departs Numero Russia


The patron saint of exquisite caftans Andre Leon Talley is departing Numero Russia magazine. WWD is being cagey, but it sounds like they aren’t paying him, they nixed his cover with Tom Ford, and P.S. Russia hates gays. So… creative differences?

Don’t worry, he’s still doing Vogue online stuff.

And if you haven’t read it, check out his book. From his hardscrabble upbringing to his internship with Andy Warhol to his friendship with Diana Vreeland, the man is a legend.

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Super Sleek Silk Space Scarf!

Louis Vuitton Collaborated With Street Artists INTI, Kenny Scharf, and André Saraiva for Their Latest Artist Scarves Collection

Louis Vuitton adds Kenny Scharf, Andre (the French-Portugese one), and Chilean street artist INTI to their roster.

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Buying planes is so much more fun than you think.

Sometimes with all the talk of the G6 and teleportation, you tend to forget some other very cool ways of getting around.

Much like private train cars and private islands, private planes have so much more potential than popular culture seems to give them credit for.

Be original. Aspire to cool planes, not generic leased beige-to-taupe Gulfstreams. #keepinitreal #isthissarcasm

2004 Cirrus $150k: Oh, just another angle on the cool Lambo-style doors.

2004 Cirrus $150k: Oh, just another angle on the cool Lambo-style doors.

2004 Cirrus: Of course the Florida plane has cool visualizations.

2004 Cirrus: Of course the Florida plane has cool visualizations.

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Morrocan motorcycle girl gang? yes please.

live fast, die young, bad girls do it well. If you know one thing over at gold plated yacht dot com, it is that we love the MIA video bad girls.

check out these girls! and theres more at his gallery


M., 2010/1431, Metallic Lambda on 3 mm white Dibond, edition of 7, 52.36 x 36.85 in / 133 x 93.6 cm


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Over the Top GIFs Celebrate D&Gs SS14 Men’s Collection


dg mens 2

dg mens 3

dg mens 4


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Watch me rebut “The 2013 Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog”

Every year (for two years, I know) some snarky dude at Deadspin (OK he’s pretty legit with books and stuff but that doesn’t make him an arbiter of taste) snarks all over the Williams-Sonoma holiday catalog. So rude, like snarking on the Neiman Marcus Holiday fantasy gift book. That’s for jealous people.


This year, I couldn’t take it any more so I shall rebut. TL;DR These are GIFTS, for the PERSON WHO HAS EVERYTHING. Like all the poor Gwyneth Paltrows you know. Jeez. Duh.

Handmade Snowflake Marshmallows


Apparently, this dude has never eaten a marshmallow that wasn’t made out of high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, and bat guano, because those things are nasty. Making your own  is a delisious, messy pain in the ass. If I was throwing a winter bonfire I would totally make my own unless I didn’t have time, and then I would buy these.

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Because there is one.

Gold-plated (natch), and produced by Dartz, the insane Russian-oligarch approved armored car customizing company (i can’t over-emphasize how much fun their website is – total gold-plated boris and natasha).

Because what says class more than a gold-plated porno hood ornament on your gold-plated Rolls?

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Can we talk about Girls?

the tv show: sex in the city for people who lived in wmsbrg in 2000 but now live in park slope and push double strollers.


i would stab all the characters in the face if i ever met them – or at least shank them in the club bathroom and steal their cocaine. good thing they would never go to the stinger.
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you don’t hate children wearing adorable satan smocks, do you?


Listen up internet! You usually ask me for stuff right? this time, I want you to give stuff to me. No not for a good cause. Just me. I see on your webs sparkly wonders of fur evil with my squirrel eyes it is time to negotiate.

it’s christmas and all i want is the entire meadham kirchoff line at top shop.


First of all, it was made just for me, cause very few people would wear all of it.  I like satanic symbols, glitter, girly lace, mohair and ugly applique leather granny acid dream scapes rainbow monster punk crack smoke the most. i mean im not a big peter pan collar person historically, but not because i don’t love it! solely, because it is very hard to find.

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