Ever wanted a porny Rolls Royce hood ornament?


Because there is one.

Gold-plated (natch), and produced by Dartz, the insane Russian-oligarch approved armored car customizing company (i can’t over-emphasize how much fun their website is – total gold-plated boris and natasha).

Because what says class more than a gold-plated porno hood ornament on your gold-plated Rolls?

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Can we talk about Girls?

the tv show: sex in the city for people who lived in wmsbrg in 2000 but now live in park slope and push double strollers.


i would stab all the characters in the face if i ever met them – or at least shank them in the club bathroom and steal their cocaine. good thing they would never go to the stinger.
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you don’t hate children wearing adorable satan smocks, do you?


Listen up internet! You usually ask me for stuff right? this time, I want you to give stuff to me. No not for a good cause. Just me. I see on your webs sparkly wonders of fur evil with my squirrel eyes it is time to negotiate.

it’s christmas and all i want is the entire meadham kirchoff line at top shop.


First of all, it was made just for me, cause very few people would wear all of it.  I like satanic symbols, glitter, girly lace, mohair and ugly applique leather granny acid dream scapes rainbow monster punk crack smoke the most. i mean im not a big peter pan collar person historically, but not because i don’t love it! solely, because it is very hard to find.

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selections for the holiday season


Excuse me? finally neiman marcus gets classy. Are you just starting up on the fascinating world of falconry? no? you should! Now with this beginning falconry kit, you can! includes: Gold perch. 20-karat gold plated with hand cut rings of lapis lazuli. The perch comes with a 304 stainless steel spike to put into the ground or a “Kashmir Gold” granite base for indoor use.

maybe the bags you put on the falcons heads are the coolest thing though? Hoods. calf and blue ostrich with a black ostrich inlay and a blue sapphire bead AND rattlesnake with designer ostrich eye panels and a blue sapphire bead. and more!

There,s also a backgammon set that is pretty fancy but doesn’t make too much sense other than justifying an up-sell on the whole kit.

the rest of the catalog is ok, i guess.

oh you want to watch a video? ok

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Auction Alert! T-Rex & More Awesome Fossils

You can get a Triceratops for under $1 million!

Bargain Price!


Other offerings include two dinosaurs who are fossilized together having perished in a fight to the death. Unmounted and untouched.

Check it out: Distinguished Fossils!

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musings on fine art

Y’all i have like, no interest in Richard Serra.

anyways- Halloween is coming up.  there is this etsy purveyor who makes really cute family costumes


which made mego i wonder what the most expensive hat on etsy looks like?

Well here it is. It costs 10 k.


description: Crown of Peace hat is a original design, hand made by myself. Inspired by a white dove that I rescued. It’s a real white dove in the hat named Dolly.
This hat is great for taking your bird for a walk. The roof can be adjusted by the cords at the corners of the roof. This hat is lots of fun for you and your bird. I need your head size by taking a tape measure and measuring 1/2″ above your eyebrows around your head. Don’t pull to tight or to loose.Record the magic measurment.

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A life sized rainbow unicorn cake? Yes Please!

That unicorn is full of rainbow cake.

Some English people went completely mental and made a life-sized unicorn out of rainbow cake.

Great, Diary. Now I have to have a rainbow unicorn themed wedding.

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