selections for the holiday season


Excuse me? finally neiman marcus gets classy. Are you just starting up on the fascinating world of falconry? no? you should! Now with this beginning falconry kit, you can! includes: Gold perch. 20-karat gold plated with hand cut rings of lapis lazuli. The perch comes with a 304 stainless steel spike to put into the ground or a “Kashmir Gold” granite base for indoor use.

maybe the bags you put on the falcons heads are the coolest thing though? Hoods. calf and blue ostrich with a black ostrich inlay and a blue sapphire bead AND rattlesnake with designer ostrich eye panels and a blue sapphire bead. and more!

There,s also a backgammon set that is pretty fancy but doesn’t make too much sense other than justifying an up-sell on the whole kit.

the rest of the catalog is ok, i guess.

oh you want to watch a video? ok

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  1. Sherry Wong says:

    this is greta review. you should give neiman marcus your full support. gold plated yacht gets no and I mean ZERO ad revenue from this post. we dont need that shit because we are very wealthy

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