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The Real Junk Mail of 90210

Welcome to a new semi-regular segment about the batshit insane junkmail you get when your ZIP code is on the name of a TV show (do not even get me started about the embarrassment of telling people your address). To … Continue reading

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King of Caftans ALT Departs Numero Russia

The patron saint of exquisite caftans¬†Andre Leon Talley is departing Numero Russia magazine. WWD is being cagey, but it sounds like they aren’t paying him, they nixed his cover with Tom Ford, and P.S. Russia hates gays. So… creative differences? … Continue reading

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Super Sleek Silk Space Scarf!

Louis Vuitton adds Kenny Scharf, Andre (the French-Portugese one), and Chilean street artist INTI to their roster.

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Buying planes is so much more fun than you think.

Sometimes with all the talk of the G6 and teleportation, you tend to forget some other very cool ways of getting around. Much like private train cars and private islands, private planes have so much more potential than popular culture … Continue reading

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Morrocan motorcycle girl gang? yes please.

live fast, die young, bad girls do it well. If you know one thing over at gold plated yacht dot com, it is that we love the MIA video bad girls. check out these girls!¬†and theres more at his gallery … Continue reading

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you don’t hate children wearing adorable satan smocks, do you?

Listen up internet! You usually ask me for stuff right? this time, I want you to give stuff to me. No not for a good cause. Just me. I see on your webs sparkly wonders of fur evil with my … Continue reading

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selections for the holiday season

Excuse me? finally neiman marcus gets classy. Are you just starting up on the fascinating world of falconry? no? you should! Now with this beginning falconry kit, you can! includes: Gold perch. 20-karat gold plated with hand cut rings of … Continue reading

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