you don’t hate children wearing adorable satan smocks, do you?


Listen up internet! You usually ask me for stuff right? this time, I want you to give stuff to me. No not for a good cause. Just me. I see on your webs sparkly wonders of fur evil with my squirrel eyes it is time to negotiate.

it’s christmas and all i want is the entire meadham kirchoff line at top shop.


First of all, it was made just for me, cause very few people would wear all of it.  I like satanic symbols, glitter, girly lace, mohair and ugly applique leather granny acid dream scapes rainbow monster punk crack smoke the most. i mean im not a big peter pan collar person historically, but not because i don’t love it! solely, because it is very hard to find.


Just ask my hair dresser- i ask him to cut my hair like punky brewster but rich on a yacht.  this is a truth! maybe your weird friend from high school might wear that scarf or something, but really it takes me to wear this entire line. And i want it something fierce. Internet people! help me

I don’t even like topshop- I mean it’s an expensive h&m. Where’s the logic? Please  buy me these things, internet, and I will be super nice to you for one week. you’ll have to hurry, the green monster shoe i want is sold out!



This is pretty depressing cause i cant justify spending $1500 on a pastel rainbow mongolian shag rug torso wrap. I just can’t! but i can name it. that coat is now called Muffy Flokati, unrequited future coat of dreams.

They finally mass produce the crap i like to wear for the people and i can’t buy it. it is a bunch of cant’s here people

Meadham-Kirchhoff-for-Topshop-6Also thirty or even more items have not even been released yet- such as that ridiculous monster scarf that i also want and the satanist shearling navy pentagram coat thing with like long unsightly mane hair coming out of the hem. maybe forever 21 will rip them off and i can have this ghoulish acid vomit fashion line.

 small disclaimer i may have been sleep blogging.

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