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The Real Junk Mail of 90210

Welcome to a new semi-regular segment about the batshit insane junkmail you get when your ZIP code is on the name of a TV show (do not even get me started about the embarrassment of telling people your address). To … Continue reading

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King of Caftans ALT Departs Numero Russia

The patron saint of exquisite caftans Andre Leon Talley is departing Numero Russia magazine. WWD is being cagey, but it sounds like they aren’t paying him, they nixed his cover with Tom Ford, and P.S. Russia hates gays. So… creative differences? … Continue reading

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selections for the holiday season

Excuse me? finally neiman marcus gets classy. Are you just starting up on the fascinating world of falconry? no? you should! Now with this beginning falconry kit, you can! includes: Gold perch. 20-karat gold plated with hand cut rings of … Continue reading

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Auction Alert! T-Rex & More Awesome Fossils

You can get a Triceratops for under $1 million!   Other offerings include two dinosaurs who are fossilized together having perished in a fight to the death. Unmounted and untouched. Check it out: Distinguished Fossils!

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musings on fine art

Y’all i have like, no interest in Richard Serra. anyways- Halloween is coming up.  there is this etsy purveyor who makes really cute family costumes which made mego i wonder what the most expensive hat on etsy looks like? Well … Continue reading

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Private Rail Cars are on my mind

Private rail cars are still totes a thing. Lined with mahogany. Tour the world in Vanderbiltian luxury. You can get an all-purpose one or a multi-purpose one. In case you need an entire dining car or one for your ocelot.

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Bedouin? BedoOUT! Prada Marfa is one thing. It’s an art. Prada tent things in Qatar w Damien Hirst is another’s like a post, post anti modernism warholian abortion with like juice cleansing and impractical shoes. The charm of a … Continue reading

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stuff still happens in williamsburg three years ago you guys. when did this pool happen? there’s a fricken salt water pool in Williamsburg  in a hotel next to mccarren park. also they are getting a michelin star chef. Also that … Continue reading

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Today’s Random Internet Search

TL:DR – The density of platinum is 21.45 g/mL, which is much higher than the 1 g/mL density of water. (PS there is something called

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We missed this Doyle New York Important Jewelry auction. Featuring some important stuff, like this $10,000 onyx ashtray. Lot 161 – Art Deco Black Onyx, Carved Jade, Jade, Diamond, Sapphire and Black Enamel Ashtray

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