Can we talk about Girls?

the tv show: sex in the city for people who lived in wmsbrg in 2000 but now live in park slope and push double strollers.


i would stab all the characters in the face if i ever met them – or at least shank them in the club bathroom and steal their cocaine. good thing they would never go to the stinger.


1 – lena dunham is so annoying. “my parents are friends with joss whedon and i’m a writer” BLARGHHHH get a decent haircut you frumpy brat! i DON’T CARE about her ‘fat’ naked quasi-feminist trolling, i DO CARE about her ugly haircut, ugly tattoos, and TOTALLY BAD WRITING
2 – david mamet’s daughter: are we really supposed to take you seriously? i can’t imagine how insufferable she must be in person. it just makes me glad philip glass doesn’t have a daughter i have to look at (in fact ms. glass seems normal). ZOSIA is like if derrida had a baby with kristin stewart. stop the bitchface, you wanted to be on tv.
3 – the pretty one. “my dad’s a tv guy.” her worst sin is boringness but she helps pull the i-hate-you-stupid-faux-hipsters-and-your-nepotism wagon.
4 – i think there’s anotherone, who cares, i bet her dad is famous too. (i was close: billionaire grandpa)
i saw like, 3 episodes but the billborads are forever.
my brother said i’m just jealous, but i seriously can’t find any humor, redeeming qualities, or anything. it’s just embarrassing. it makes me want to be an old white guy.
like how everyone was so obsessed with my so called life in the 90s and i hated that show for the same reason: whiny self-obsessed whiners whining about how whiny everything is. at least that show had a plot and jared leto.
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of course i would love to have a hit tv show but unfortunately my parents don’t know any famous successful directors and producers or have a billion dollars. also mine would be about hot chicks smoking weed and drinking champagne in jeweled caftans, not sad losers who can’t even cook spghetti. bitches give bitches a bad name.
/end rant
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