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Auction Alert! T-Rex & More Awesome Fossils

You can get a Triceratops for under $1 million!   Other offerings include two dinosaurs who are fossilized together having perished in a fight to the death. Unmounted and untouched. Check it out: Distinguished Fossils!

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musings on fine art

Y’all i have like, no interest in Richard Serra. anyways- Halloween is coming up.  there is this etsy purveyor who makes really cute family costumes which made mego i wonder what the most expensive hat on etsy looks like? Well … Continue reading

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A life sized rainbow unicorn cake? Yes Please!

Some English people went completely mental and made a life-sized unicorn out of rainbow cake. Great, Diary. Now I have to have a rainbow unicorn themed wedding.

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October’s Private Islands Newsletter: 3 Stars

Dear Diary- I finally got a chance to sit down with the October 2013 Private Islands newsletter and it was only a 3 star showing. Let’s talk about why, and let me show you my favorite featured island which is super … Continue reading

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Private Rail Cars are on my mind

Private rail cars are still totes a thing. Lined with mahogany. Tour the world in Vanderbiltian luxury. You can get an all-purpose one or a multi-purpose one. In case you need an entire dining car or one for your ocelot.

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Bedouin? BedoOUT!

Bedouin? BedoOUT! Prada Marfa is one thing. It’s an art. Prada tent things in Qatar w Damien Hirst is another’s like a post, post anti modernism warholian abortion with like juice cleansing and impractical shoes. The charm of a … Continue reading

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you guys. when did this pool happen?

stuff still happens in williamsburg three years ago you guys. when did this pool happen? there’s a fricken salt water pool in Williamsburg  in a hotel next to mccarren park. also they are getting a michelin star chef. Also that … Continue reading

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Today’s Random Internet Search

TL:DR – The density of platinum is 21.45 g/mL, which is much higher than the 1 g/mL density of water. (PS there is something called

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Gold Plated Rolls Royce = Real

Dear Diary, You’ll be relieved to know that this bulletproof gold plated Rolls Royce, however, is real. Love, me

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Gold Plated Yacht Hoax

There is definitely not a real gold-plated yacht. Yet.

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