Gold Plated Yacht Hoax

There is definitely not a real gold-plated yacht. Yet.

$4.5 billion buys a lot of Versace mansions.

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The 3 best evening dresses from the Barneys Warehouse Sale

Dear Diary,

Barney’s has unleashed their warehouse sale on us and it’s making it hard for me to concentrate on anything other than eveningwear. And bags. And shoes. And weird Japanese pants. But mainly eveningwear.

Here are the 3 best evening looks from the sale, in no particular order. If you wanted to snatch these up for me, diary, I would not be mad at you for spending thousands of dollars on evening gowns. You know how I feel about evening gowns, diary.

This Rick Owens garbage bag gown – so derelicte!. $1,340 NOW $539 59% OFF
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We missed this Doyle New York Important Jewelry auction. Featuring some important stuff, like this $10,000 onyx ashtray.

Lot 161 – Art Deco Black Onyx, Carved Jade, Jade, Diamond, Sapphire and Black Enamel Ashtray


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Dear Dieary: Versace Poverty

Dear Dieary: Versace Poverty

Dear diary,

I have a confession. I only own one thing of Versace. It’s a thick gold chain and pearl necklace with a lion’s head clasp. It’s pretty dang huge. It was $20. I suspect that it’s a fake. I got it 12 years a go at one of those pop up designer discount stores in Soho. Who knows though, it may be real. This place was pretty sketch. The pearls have tore off it though so it looks a bit janky to wear.

I’m so excited about the Versace movie I could see the pirates of Penzance.

(note: posted by the other one, picture may not represent actual Versace chain)

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Versace Manse: A Memento Mori


Damn I wish I was a mansion.

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The Old Versace Manse

Dear Diary,

Tonight I’m wearing a fuchsia saree to a wedding at the four seasons.

Look how far I have come! And yet, look at this fucking mansion. Fuck that mansion. It is so hot. Thank you Versace for inspiring us to set goals. Versace did this mansion up in the middle of trashy rich Florida. FLORIDA.gianni_versaces_home_in_miami_goes_for_sale_at_125_million_aeih3
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