The Old Versace Manse

Dear Diary,

Tonight I’m wearing a fuchsia saree to a wedding at the four seasons.

Look how far I have come! And yet, look at this fucking mansion. Fuck that mansion. It is so hot. Thank you Versace for inspiring us to set goals. Versace did this mansion up in the middle of trashy rich Florida. FLORIDA.gianni_versaces_home_in_miami_goes_for_sale_at_125_million_aeih3

Why Versace mansion talk? why now? Because it’s Columbus day bitches. And some of the bricks that built this sexy manse came from the ancestral home of Christopher Fucking Columbus’s son. Not kidding. And he stole America from the Indians. So instead of celebrating that, I’d like to ask America to mourn Gianni Versace, tragically shot dead on this mansion’s steps. Look at its pool. It’s lined in 24 k gold. It reminds us to live a well-balanced life. Here’s a quote about that:
“For reading Proust I have my house on Lake Como. Here, in Miami Beach, I don’t want another monastery to live in. I want a place to read Truman Capote.” -Gianni Versace


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