The 3 best evening dresses from the Barneys Warehouse Sale

Dear Diary,

Barney’s has unleashed their warehouse sale on us and it’s making it hard for me to concentrate on anything other than eveningwear. And bags. And shoes. And weird Japanese pants. But mainly eveningwear.

Here are the 3 best evening looks from the sale, in no particular order. If you wanted to snatch these up for me, diary, I would not be mad at you for spending thousands of dollars on evening gowns. You know how I feel about evening gowns, diary.

This Rick Owens garbage bag gown – so derelicte!. $1,340 NOW $539 59% OFF

Derelicte is always in style.

Derelicte is always in style.

Lanvin Fur Bolero (the dress, sadly, is unavailable) $5,990 NOW $1,679 71% OFF

World's most glamorous toga.

World’s most glamorous toga.

Nina Ricci’s slinky nightrail looks like it’s made of some heavenly silk and lace. $3,450 NOW $859 75% OFF

A glamorous nightie with room for snacking.

A glamorous nightie with room for snacking.

BONUS! This L’Wren Scott cocktail dress is so classic, diary, and much more practical than a solid gold toga, amiright? How can you aregue with 74% off?$3,950 NOW $989 74% OFF

It's practically informal!

It’s practically informal!

Never forget how much I love you diary.



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