stuff still happens in williamsburg three years ago

you guys. when did this pool happen?


there’s a fricken salt water pool in Williamsburg  in a hotel next to mccarren park. also they are getting a michelin star chef. Also that real pool in the park is now a pool again and it used to be just a loitering concert hole for people too lazy to go to PS1.

All I want is a salt water urban oasis for myself. And none of that sex in the city sneaking in shit. This pool is open to the public for $45. there are very few pools in NY in private residences btw. One of the great tragedies of the city. not as tragic as getting weirded out by a pool in williamsburg three years after that shit opened. This is how over it that whole area is people.

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2 Responses to you guys. when did this pool happen?

  1. seriously. brominated pools are so last year. look at the stripes. it’s no Galapagos.

  2. shelley long says:

    i live in fucking california and i don’t have a fucking pool. up yours williamsburg and your dumb pool

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